Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tutorial: Halloween Costume Trophies

I wanted to make trophies for our Halloween Costume Party. I thought it would be fun to have silly awards for the party. And, being a tennis party, I incorporated a can of tennis balls into the trophy.
I sketched out a trophy, using a skull, a can of tennis balls, some paper, a mini skeleton, and a wooden base.
 I found all the objects (aside from the tennis balls) at the Dollar Store and Michaels.
These skulls on a stick were a terrific topper for the trophies. I didn't like the coloring, though.
 I painted them black, then sponged on some gold paint, to highlight the skull shape and make them a bit more interesting.
Then, I placed them on top of the can of tennis balls. I wrapped them with black paper and taped it to for a black pillar. Then, I printed out a banner with the title for each award. I spent some time taking apart skeletons to make different personalities and re-glued the arms and legs into positions.
And here are all 6 of them.

Most Colorful, Most Likely to Get Arrested, Best Couple
Scariest, Sexiest, Funniest.

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