Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What I'm Working On

I make an effort to do artwork every day. Most times, I can actually "do" art: painting, sketching, drawing, cutting glass, or designing. But other times, I spend time being inspired, observing, or thinking about art.
I've been working on fused glass bowls. Before they are slumped, they have to be fused. I'm learning that the color of the glass plays a factor in the end result.
I'm working on some trophies for a Halloween party. I found some plastic skulls that I wanted to alter. I'm covering them with black paint, then gilding them, before turning them into trophies.
I've been researching Acrylic Pouring as an art form. It's similar to marbling and it is addictive.
I love palm trees. I love how they look against the blue sky. The shapes are beautiful and the colors are striking. So inspiring!
Some quick daily sketches while thinking of Halloween.
Here I'm taking photos of my glass work on the beach. The light is great and makes for a clean picture.
And lastly, I'm working on a couple's costume for a Halloween party. 

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