Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Halloween Cupcakes

Once we decided on the date of the Halloween party, I knew that I was going to make cupcakes.
I looked online for some ideas and found a few things of interest, one being these adorable bat cupcakes. I thought about another cupcake to go along with the dark chocolate, so I decided upon white (vanilla) ghosts cupcakes.
 I sketched them out and contemplated what I'd need to pull them off. For the bats, I'd need wings and eyes... for the ghosts, I'd need chocolate eyes and mouths. Easy enough to do.
Big Bear's wife kindly provided a pattern sheet to make the wings by melting chocolate and freehanding shapes. I made some simple dots and ovals for the ghosts eyes and mouths.
Then, I baked the cupcakes and we went to assembling them. I had the best helper in the world.
 I piped frosting to make a dollop for the ghosts and a scalloped bead for the ghosts and we stuck in the eyes, wings, and mouths, as required.
 The chocolate bats.
The vanilla ghosts.
And here is the display from the party.
I posted this adorable and fun sign next to the cupcakes, to make it a little festive. It did not deter anyone.

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