Saturday, November 18, 2017

Pairing Meat with Jam

It's commonplace to pair fruit with meats - think cranberries with turkey at Thanksgiving or preserves with a Charcuterie platter.
Pairing a main course meat - (ham, pork, turkey or chicken) with a fruit jam is delicious and balances the savory flavor from the meat.
Here are sophisticated options to serve as an alternative (or addition) to Cranberry Sauce at your Thanksgiving table:

Tennessee Whiskey Jam uses plumped raisins, allspice, orange, and cinnamon to create an rich flavor to balance bland meats.
Whiskey Honey Marmelade uses only three ingredients to create an unusual side dish.
Bacon and Whiskey Jam is a somewhat sweet and salty addition to main courses. It combines garlic, paprika, cinnamon, shallots, and bacon to make an interesting side dish.

And if you're partial to the cranberry flavor, try this Cranberry and Orange Marmalade.

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