Monday, August 27, 2018

90th Birthday Parties

Last week, Jon's parents celebrated their 90th birthdays, just a few days apart. We wanted to do something special for them on each of their big days.
First came Pa's birthday. We made a lunch and his favorite chocolate cupcakes. For an original theme, we planned one of his favorite foods, the avocado. I made tiny chocolate avocados to decorate the cupcakes. For lunch, I made a few avocado salads - Shrimp, Corn & Tomato, and Avocado Toast topped with chopped Radish and Pickled Onions
We gave him a few avocado kitchen gadgets, (an avocado knife and a storage container) to round out the theme.
Gramie's birthday came a few days later. This was completely different, as we wanted to make everything look pretty and fairy-tale like.
We filled the pool with 90 waterlilies which floated along in the sunshine and was colorful and beautiful.
Ashley decorated the table with gems, large pink peonies, silk birds and a pretty tablecloth. Jon put up a giant 6 foot banner that contained pictures from the past 25 years. This turned out to be a favorite!
Ashley did an amazing job! It looked so beautiful.
We ended off the meal with a Lemon Cake filled with Raspberry Filling and a Lemon Buttercream. It was tasty, tangy, and colorful.
All in all, it was a great couple of celebrations. It's pretty remarkable to make it to 90 in such great spirits and shape. 

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